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Casa Emanuel stopped being a children's  shelter to become in three different homes: Emanuel Hafia  (inaugurated in 2004); Emanuel Biombo Bisselanca (inaugurated in 2011) and Emanuel Casulo, which began the construction in November, 2012 and today is finished.


On 2001, the Municipal Chamber of Bissau donated to Casa Emanuel a 15.800 mts2 of ground to build a home for orphans children in this country. Three years later the project was finished.  Today the project has a waterhole of 238 meters length, water pump, bedrooms, administrator house, missionary house, warehouse, activities kiosk, solar panels, kitchen, dining room and laundry. 120 children live here. 



Casulo Home borned to bring love and caring to physical and/or mental handicap children that the guinense society reject because their religious beliefs.Children in this situation outside Casa Emanuel suffer abuse, abandonment and also death. This home have 21 children. 


The youth house Biombo, located in the Bisselanca village, was inaugurated in 2011, with the purpose to offer to our boys up to eight years old an opportunity to be trained with the necessary tools to face adult life with independence and dignity. Offering an stability in a house, with a sharing room with other roommate, their own space to keep their clothes and shoes, in general, to give them an own space to live, reaffirming their importance like human beings, their rights as underage, but at the same time their duties as youth people, this is the environment that they have in CE Biombo. They are developing a farming project which consist in sowing, chicken coops,  pigsty and duck lake. They also have a waterhole, water pump, dining room, laundry, kitchen and solar panels. Since 2016, they have a tailoring workshop for young apprentices of this job. Actually there are 24 children, but the capacity is for 30. 

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