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Casa Emanuel history began in 1993, when Isabel Johanning Mora, a costarrican dentist and missionary, receive an special message from God to go to Guinea Bissau, in Western Africa, with the purpose to help with you profession to the poor people of this country, and at the same time to predicate the love and good news of Jesus.  

During four months  she was working in Bissau and in Gabú, one of the eight regions of the country.  However, and for the reason of a cerebral malaria sickness, she was close to die, so she must had to return to Costa Rica and stay for more than a year, taking care of your health. Doctors warning her to avoid of return to Guiné Bissau, but she take the decision to came back in May of 1995, with a missionary team, integrated by Eugenia Castro, Julio César Herrera Steler and Enrique Hadas, this time Isabel stayed there permanently. They work hard to help the vulnerable population. 

In the same year, a baby girl of seven months, with very low weight, undernourisched, with scabies and few possibilities to survive, came to the Isabel life, Mariama is her name. Mariama became a symbol of the mercy of God for all the orphans girls and boys of Guiné Bissau, because she was the first child of the great family of Casa Emanuel.  

At the end of 1998, Guinea Bissau experience a civil war that take the life of hundreds of people. Foreigns abandoned the country and all the citizens that could do it. Isabel and Eugenia had the possibility, too, but they prefer to stay protecting the nine children that they already caring.  

It was a great risk of death to stay in Guiné Bissau, but they choose to believe and trust in the mercy of God, so the miracle happened, journals of Portuguese Television (RTP) contact them and they help to get support to take Isabel, Eugenia and the children in frigates to Portugal coast. In Portugal they find a shelter in the Mercy of the City of Barreiro. 

A year late (1999), in a movilization operation, they can came back to Bissau to continue with your missionery work. Soon the Number of children was grow and together very much challenges, such as the need of a children home; a waterhole; an electrical generator and other needs that were been satisfying step by step. One more time thanks to the divine intervention of God, during this years, Casa Emanuel has been able to obtain their own home Emanuel Hafia, in the Barrio Hafia, a communitary school and high school, an Hospital, and two more homes: Bisselanca and Casulo.  

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